IUI # 2 =fAiL :(

Sigh….Number two was a fail this weekend….pretty bummed out :(….Oh well I guess, just wasn’t meant to be…unfortunatley…Oh well…taking a break this month, hopefully next month I will try again, might take two months off, we will see.. 😦


8dpiui, 9dpt

I’m at the point that I don’t know how I’ll react if I ever see a positive pregnancy test. Tested this morning and although I know its still way too early that negative just pops up and encrusts itself on my brain. I don’t want to be ‘used’ to seeing a negative, I am really really hoping this is the month.

Everyone Deserves A Chance…

Reading this article below put a smile on my face. – It’s nice to see people acknowledging infertility impacts men and women from all walks of life, regardless of financial backgrounds.


Many individuals who fall under the poverty line in countries such as India may not even be aware of the fact that they may be infertile. Many could even be facing a deluge of stigmatic backlash. In countries where poverty is an issue, IVF and the use of other assisted reproductive treatments could be a option, only made available for the more wealthy individuals. Thus, reading the article above made me pleased to see that people are working to make reproductive solutions more accessible.

Of course people may argue that having a family is expensive and falling under the poverty line would make raising a family that much more harder. But who are we to comment!

Everyone deserves a chance…

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IUI Numba 2!

We went in yesterday morning for my follicle scan to get ready for iui #2, which was originally supposed to be tomorrow, but my follicle reacted super good (24mm)! which is basically mature so they moved my tigger shot up to 3pm vs 9pm and Scheduled my IUI for this morning at 9am! 🙂 Post Wash Sperm count was 87.4million!! 🙂 So super happy there! I have a lot of cramping on my left side (since before my iui)(also happens to be the side my follicle was on) so hoping that it is the follicle releasing the egg and the spermy will be sitting there waiting for it! *Fingers Crossed!*  Our Doctor told me after that if this IUI fails he wants to switch my meds so ‘move up a step’ which will mean I take the Letrozole a few days still, but i will also take more shots throught the time leading up to ovulation in hopes for more follicles, hoping since this follicle was so good that we won’t have to worry about doing that tho!! 🙂 Now for the dreaded two week wait!

*When opportunity knocks*

A Little background: So Dave (my father in-law) made a ‘deal’ while buying a chunk of land 7 or 8 years ago that the guy could continue to run the Farrow to Finish Swine Operation that was on part of the land, Dave would get the manure from the Lagoon (pig manure is very high in Nitrogen, which is essential in growing quality corn, so by having access to something like that it is much cheaper to grow than having to buy fertilizer) Anyways, about 10 days ago the guy told Dave after the Bred Sows farrow and those pigs finish he is done! (The deal was 10 years I Believe) Dave approached Vinny with the idea and Vinny doesn’t really care for animals so was just kinda like ‘whatever’ and casually brought it up to me, well obviously I was JACKED, (my DREAM job was to move to Iowa and run a Farrow to Finish Swine Operation) (I LOVE PIGS)

~Side Note~ I raised them for 13 years, and had to sell them 2 months before our wedding because it was too much of a hassle to have them living in Marshall while I lived in Dane and my parents had moved to Cambridge and they were due the week of the wedding which would have been too much stress at the time!

Back to the main point: Dave and I walked through the Pig farm on Thursday and I was basically in HEAVEN!…well everyday he has talked about it to me, and it’s basically going to happen, As long as I want to be in charge of the Breeding and Farrowing end, because he doesn’t know anything about it, and to be successful with pigs you have to farrow to finish to make a decent amount of money. But now I’m faced with the decision to stay at Landmark or go there…I always wanted to be stay at home mom and raise my kids on the farm, and now is my chance (even if I don’t have a kid yet, this wouldn’t all take place until Dec. 2015, which by then I could!) I love my job, but the 1 hour drive to work and 1 hour drive home every day is starting to get old, and the Pig farm is literally a half a mile from the home farm, which we are moving into soon.

Just one more thing to think about on top of my already hectic life.

On another note, I was approached with the opportunity to be the Assistant Event Coordinator at The Oaks, which I obviously accepted in a heartbeat, I love working at The Oaks and love working in the tent for all the weddings. So I am very excited about that! So what started as a bad day due to getting a Big Fat Negative on my home pregnancy test ended up turning into an awesome couple of days, but then again, God always has a plan. This was a perfect example of that.


This post is kinda all over the place, but oh well, my mind had a lot to try and type…ha!


One of those days…

*Sigh*  Was going through my phone clearing out blurry, unfocused pictures in my gallery when I came to my folder titled     ‘Baby Fever’….within that folder contains all my hopes and dreams, the one thing that consumes my mind more than anything lately, followed by that is the overwhelming ammount of heartache.  While going through this gallery I saw tons of ‘pins’ I had saved from Pinterest over the past few months of fun creative ways to announce you are pregnant around Easter.  If our first IUI would have worked I would have been about 12 weeks the week of Easter so it would have been the perfect time to announce since both sides of the famly always get together.  Plus Its my holiday to make a big announcement….but apparently God did not want it to be that way.  As much as my heart aches and as sad as I am I have obviously come to terms with it just wasn’t meant to be, but we knew that going into this process, I believe God will grace us with a child when the time is right, but due to our circumstances we just need to give him a little push!  I ended up deleting the pictures from my phone, they are still on my Pinterest if I ever want to go back and check them out, but for now its better not to have the added reminder of how upset I was….As minor as it sounds it clearly was something big, that i did not realize how much it would affect me if the IUI failed.

First IUI

Haven’t posted for awhile, but we had our first iui this morning! 🙂 it was originally supposed to be Monday Jan 12, but my biggest follicle was only 15.5 (still pretty small) so we waited till Mon night to trigger instead of sat night like planned…. Donor sperm was 57.5 million after being thawed and washed!! Hopefully a good sign even if I only have one follicle! 🙂 here’s a pic of vin and I waiting to go back this morning! 🙂